About NLC Oklahoma:

NLC Oklahoma aims to build a better Oklahoma by fostering a culture in a nonpartisan way that enables rising professionals to connect with one another. During our Institute Fellowship, participants will learn hard skills, such as communications, fundraising, coalition building. After graduation, they will be connected to an ever-growing local network, where they will support each other in their pursuits, and come together to identify and fix social problems that exist in our communities through the public and private sectors.

Oklahoma is one of the newest chapters in the NLC network. With 48 chapters in 25 states from across the nation, NLC’s network of progressive leaders is extensive. After the 2016 NLC Fellows class, NLC’s diverse community boasts more than 5,000 alumni and volunteers training the next generation of progressive leaders and using the skills from the NLC Institute to impact their communities.

Our vision is to become an institution in the state of Oklahoma, which enables rising leaders from the Panhandle to the Arkansas border to connect, discuss their vision to make meaningful impact in their communities, and learn the hard skills to put ideas into action.


If you have any questions or would like to become involved with NLC Oklahoma, please email Co-Directors, Ashten Hughes (Hughes@newleaderscouncil.org) and Bailey Perkins (BPerkins@newleaderscouncil.org).